In a complicated and expensive legal
system, we protect the rights of
individuals and small businesses.

-Mike Wimer

Think of us as your professional
problem solvers. We make it a point to
understand your problem and find
the right solution for you.

-Jake Snider

A lawsuit is more like a marathon
than a sprint. You need a litigator with the
endurance and strategy to go the distance.

-Mike Wimer

Complex legal principles govern the
modern workplace. Whether you are an employer or an employee,
I can help you navigate those laws.

-Jake Snider

Protecting Consumers & Business Every Way Possible

The Asheville Law Group, the trade name of Wimer & Associates, PC, started as the Wimer & Jobe law firm in 1991 with a singular mission: to deliver big law firm services with the individualized attention of a small firm experience. Since our founding, we have represented a diverse base of clients in litigation and business transactions throughout the United States and in many foreign countries. Our clients have included individuals and companies throughout North America, Europe, India and Asia.

Complex Litigation & Corporate Law

We focus our practice on complex litigation and corporate law. We employ innovative strategies and technology to deliver the highest quality services efficiently. We care about the details. We pride ourselves in our commitment to our cases, and our accessibility to our clients. Building lasting relationships with the people we serve is of paramount importance to us. We are trial lawyers representing clients with significant legal issues and/or damages. We limit our practice to a small number of cases so we can focus our attention on every client.

Asheville Law Group | Complex Litigation and Corporate Law Attorneys.
Our complex litigation attorneys have represented clients in much of the United States, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, California, Virginia, and Texas. We are licensed to practice law in North Carolina and Texas. Our offices are conveniently located in the arts district of West Asheville, North Carolina.

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